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Our company first in 2002 launched containers sale and trade shipment, in 2009 officially formed “NOTS” freight forwarding company funded by 100% national investment, since successfully expanding business activities in the field such as automobile transportation service, maintenance and logistics of containers, real estate property lease and opened international affairs division.

  • Division of Automobile Transportation is dealing with the city and intra-cities container transportation service via delivering variety freights on heavy trucks ending by departure and landing operations.


  • Division of Container Maintenance and Logistics has expanded since 2011 and today we run three independent carpenter brigades.


  • Division of Real Estate Property Lease since the time of establishment had continuously implement activities thus already obtained own position on the market and today operate by two competent teams specializing in the real estate and property sector.


  • Moreover, in 2012 “NOTS” LLC set up PVC plastic window factory to produce in durable plastic windows, walls and closets in Mongolia via advanced technology and most up-to-date equipments in order to meet customer demands that able to withstand sharply continental climate in the country.